“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it” - L.M.Montgomery

Memories aren’t just passed time. They are emotions, pictures, sounds and moments we carry with us long after they have passed. Join Memilog and begin writing right away. Happy storing!

More than words...

Don’t restrict yourself to words. With memilog you can add multimedia and remember them as vividly as possible.

Memory Lane

Sometimes the date of an event is unforgettable. Revisit the memories of that day, captured in a personalised timeline.

Memory Lists

Each experience has a feeling particular to it that is matched by a handful others. Be it school or your favourite people, organize your memories into convenient lists.

Memory Search

Every memory is unique. Searching for a memory is made simple through Memilog’s search assistant.


Your memories are precious and private to you. Memilog will keep your memories secure.