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When there's enough room for various multimedia add-ons, why only restrict your memories to words?

userAbhishek Malani

“My diary is now much more than just the text. I can easily record my memories in the form of pictures, locations or whatsoever have you!”


For an organised set-up plus ease of navigation to relive your precious moments.

userAnmol Chawla

“No mess. No clutter. Just completely structured and sorted.”


Every memory is unique. Search your memories using keywords for quick access.

userKapil Dutta

“Be it June 2011 or January 1991, looking back is as simple as turning your head. A must try app!”

Memory list

At times, a memory may be linked to one or more moments alike. Organising your memories into personalised lists is just a click or two away.

userNithin Vemula

"This amazing app lets me group my special moments into customised lists. An absolute 3.6 MB of joy!”


Everyone has memories.


Happy ones, sad ones, exhilarating ones and ones that will generate a landslide of nostalgia. With the onslaught of social media into our lives, precious little has been left to us as personal.

Ofcourse, we have our diaries and our souvenirs from times gone by. But the threat of physical decay or loss of these mediums is an ever present threat.
Thus, the core concept of Memilog, as an online journal was born.

Memilog aims to create a safe haven online for those who wish to store their memories away from the prying eyes of the world. Everything entered into the site by the user will be visible to him/her only. Moreover,
with mutlimedia addons, we hope each memory stored is as vibrant as when it was created.

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SaiKiran Gunda
Founder and CEO

pushkar profile image

Pushkar Priyadarshi
Creative Design Head

samantha profile image

Samantha Pandyan
Social Media Strategist

sathya profile image

Sathya Murthy
Sr Product Engineer

kapil profile image

Kapil Dutta
Product Engineer

mukesh profile image

Mukesh Polavar
Android Engineer

Hima profile image

Hima Bindu Duggirala
Creative Writer

nakshu profile image

Nakshatra Soma
Creative Writer

resu profile image

Swetha Resu
Creative Writer

Our Media memories.

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